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2 years ago

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After chatting on SH Katie Wakefield agreed to a trip Saturday afternoon to an uncle who is a 9 " cock that wanted to" give Katie to take what they have promised to rule their wives. "He had asked me to peeperz wear black underwear, black seamed stockings, high heels and black dress, so I dutiffuly full attire with red lipstick blowjobs mandatory. S peeperz arrival at his house he showed me the stairs to the bathroom and said nervously waiting in the bedroom took off my clothes peeperz and began the transformation. in the first place, the tips black bra, matching black suspenders and black lace thong, rope with a loop beautiful ribbon on the peeperz back. I opened a new pair of black stockings FF Cuban heel aligned, the kind that bends the knee and ankle, as you have to walk. I have my 5 " ankle strap black patent with a beautiful kitchen pulled peeperz the black lace short dress, fixes her hair, makeup and has finally blowjob red lipstick did not know that in my mouth for long. left the bathroom and bedroom were on the side of condoms and lub, said...... "Mmm, you can turn around to look good, " Katie dutiffully turned as she did, she put her hands on my thighs and peeperz rubbed his suspenders. He put his hands on my shoulders and pushed her down, told him to his knees and looked, I saw his eyes and was so dominant and Katie was so submissive. He waved his jeans, so I opened it and pulled down his pants, peeperz and there, in front of my face was a penis size that I had only seen in magazines, he has not lied, in fact, seemed peeperz more ",....... greater than 9 and was so fat, my first thought was "no way "..... " in no way what is happening inside me, I'm going to rip in two, "push your hips toward my face and I opened my mouth and took his cock head a few inches and I sucked, licked, and gagged with his hand.... to a point on the basis that I was drowning, had deep throat, I heard that if you go to the Gagg Reflex was not so bad, and sor I took a deep breath, closed my eyes, pushed forward and I did. I figured if I suck and make you cum, you would not power, that divides in two with the big wave. After what seemed an eternity, he turned away and told me he made ​​the "right to be my wife in the afternoon, kneeling on the bed wanted " and was scared to death of what would happen , which lubricates I put the finger 1-2 -3, stretching me, then I felt clear that the thickness of the probe begins acorn, which is sit back and felt his condom axle housing, so unless we wanted to make sure I'm sliding it, 3-4-5 "and that was by far the most complete paint thick tail Katie has peeperz ever had, and then moved on, I tried to pull away, but he held my stockings and suspenders and pushed more..... when he did, he said, "fuck their separation," he continued, I breathe a sigh of relief, a few secpnds to get my pussy, I thought, which took the condom ripped breathed its axis, which are too narrow. I looked in the wardrobe mirror his face, and I knew what I was doing in an instant tries wanted to get without a condom, he protested and said no, no, please......... Please, no, no, no condom, which was declared. said: "You are my wife, and you'll do what I want, " all the time pressing more, over time it was full, I tried rebooting, but I took the top load and then he got even harder and bigger, I tried to stop him, the more excited, and, finally, I knew I was going to end. He grabbed my hips so hard and was so deep, fuck me without thinking about my peeperz own pleasure, or how I felt, what I wanted to take my pussy and it was for his pleasure, pain, which was huge, and you ......... so masterfully I buried my head in the pillow and accepted that I could not stop and take only what they could have their wives..... And then I felt, short bursts, stronger grip on the hip, peeperz
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